Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bathroom remodel

I don't add much to our blog, sorry, I have a hard time thinking any one really cares about the day to day events of the Gaulke family. But I think this is pretty cool. Rachel and I redid our bath tub and tiled it, here's so pics for those are interested.


Taylor family said...

Wow, very impressive! I have heard that is a lot of hard work. Way to go. Looks great.

Meikjn said...

lookin good.

Becca said...

I hardly ever read blogs, but today's a rainy day, and I was just perusing. So anyway, I think you guys ROCK! It looks really great, and I bet it feels good to have it done. It puts our recent project (refinishing a dresser) to shame. Nicely done, Gaulkes.