Thursday, May 25, 2006

Music with Dad

William and his dad play music together for the first time but i'm sure it will not be the last!


Our Uncle Brenton sure is cool! We love to watch him play lacrosse or any sports for that matter!

In the Garden!

Here are the boys in the garden.

Liz and Jay's wedding

My Cousin got married on the 20th on May 2006! It was so fun to be there to support them! We love you Liz and Jay!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


William is working on sitting. He is doing better on the bed than on the floor but we are getting it!

First Mother's Day

What a happy day!!

Dinner time

William loves his green beans!


First time Will pinned Mike. I know Mike wants a rematch!

Thumb Sucker

First picture of William with his thumb in his mouth! How cute!

First Christmas

Will's first Christmas! Thanks Great Uncle Pete! Picture taken on the 30th of December 2005.

Blessing Day

This is William's blessing day. He is a little warn out from all of the attention.

First Bath

Here is William's first bath!

Coming Home

William had to stay a little while longer in the hospital so here we are when he is about 2 weeks old going home!

William's birth

Here is William within hours of his birth! How cute is he with his Grandmas! Pictures were taken just after midnight on 15th of November 2005