Wednesday, October 22, 2008

William and Big bird

The boys!

I love these guys!!


This is my brother Brenton and my Mom, the day my brother went through the temple for the first time. Brenton is the oldest boy in our family that is a church member and therefore is the first in the Olson and Loerzel families to ever serve a mission. We are so excited to get all his letters and hear about all the he is doing to share the gospel with the people of mexico. We all love him so much and think that he is doing just great things.

The New House

So here is our new house!! It was My-Rachel Grandmother's house. It has great ceilings, plaster walls, and hard wood floors!! We are still trying the get everything in order, which I will be happy if it is done in less than a year. We love it! One tip if you move into a house that you already have history with it can get kind of emotional or maybe that is the postpartum stuff?!?!

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

So it has been a real long time since I last updated!!! Please forgive me, I hope the forth coming pictures will help!!