Friday, February 29, 2008

Silly Boy!

So to get ready for the baby I have been organizing the baby things. William found the Nuks and bottles and thinks that they are pretty fun. I think we might have a problem when the baby come with William wanting to be a baby too. This is a picture of one of the things he likes to do with the Nuks. He runs around with them in his mouth like this and drools all over. Mike thinks I should take them away but I just think it is so cute I can't. What a fun guy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes -- Big Willie is a silly boy! But oh so darling cute!!! I just checked out your new look on the blog page --- WOW I really like it and William is getting cuter by the second!!!

Hope all is well with new baby and all else in your busy lives. Love ya more than I can say -- Great Aunt Debbie!